Rules and Terms

Our Rules

  1. Each event organized by ASD L’Impresa is meant to be lived with friends, crossing hills, woods and nature reserves. It will not be a competition and there will be no rankings. We love riding together, waiting, supporting and encouraging those who go slower.
  2. We do believe in the “leave no trace” philosophy. We will ride in total respect for nature, the places crossed, the communities encountered and all the participants.
  3. Our routes follow paths and dirt, sometimes even bumpy, roads, as much as possible, trying to avoid asphalt and traffic.
  4. All riders must provide a valid competitive cycling medical certificate and must be healthy and fit.
  5. Our goal is to share the journey with friends, enjoying nature, hospitality and food.


Ours are non-competitive cycling events that require adequate training. Presenting yourself at the start in optimal fit is an essential and necessary condition to participate.

Rates and cancellation

Participation fees are not refundable, no matter the reason of cancellation, unless otherwise stated in each event's rules.

Sign in

All participants will have to provide a valid medical certificate for competitive cycling to sign in to each adventure.

Cycling equipment

All participants will have to use cycling equipment in excellent condition. Bicycles, groupset, drivetrain, chain, brakes, frame, saddle, seat post, handle bar, fork, wheels, tires and cycling bags must be checked with accuracy before the start. Helmet and two water bidons are mandatory.

Terms and conditions

Each registrant, by paying the participation fee will confirm the registration and subscribe the following terms and conditions.

"1. Possibility of participation: I am physically able to participate in the “event”. I will provide a valid medical certificate for competitive cycling before the start of the event.

2. Cycling equipment: I am aware of the need to use cycling equipment in excellent condition suitable for the type of route, distances and nature of the event. Prior to departing I will perform a detailed technical check of my bicycle and its parts. I know that ASD L’Impresa will not provide any technical assistance during the ride.

3. Risk of injury: I am aware of the characteristics and nature of the event and the risks I will run by participating. I am aware that the event requires adequate athletic preparation and excellent health. I know there are risks of accidents and injuries. I may need to seek medical attention if an injury occurs. If I am unable to consent or make medical decisions in an emergency, I authorize ASD L’Impresa to seek medical care on my behalf.

4. Indemnification and defense: I hereby agree to indemnify ASD L’Impresa and the organizers of the event for any and all claims, losses and expenses of any kind arising from these "Terms and Conditions" and from my violation of the above conditions, unauthorized acts or other. Any violation of these conditions authorizes ASD L’Impresa or the organizers of the event to immediately terminate my participation in the event without any refund of fees or compensation of any kind. I agree to indemnify and defend ASD L’Impresa and all its representatives against, and hold them harmless from, any claim, cause of action for damage or destruction of any property, mine or third parties, injury or death that may result to the undersigned or anybody else. I acknowledge that each participant to the event is responsible for their own work and any joint and several liability of ASD L’Impresa is excluded.

5. Communicable diseases: I understand that participation in the event may increase the risk of contracting a communicable disease, including but not limited to COVID-19. By registering I acknowledge and accept the risks of participation. I agree to abide by the directives of ASD L’Impresa designed to lower the risk of transmission of communicable diseases, such as the wearing of masks, social distancing, washing hands, non-sharing of equipment, wiping down all shared equipment after each use. By registering, I hereby release and hold harmless ASD L’Impresa and its representatives from any and all claims arising from the contraction of a communicable disease, including but not limited to COVID-1 9, while participating in the event.

6. Likeness release: I give permission to ASD L’Impresa to use my likeness, photo, video, name, voice, and words to promote and raise funds for ASD L’Impresa.

7. Use of personal Information: I acknowledge that ASD L'Impresa is compliant with GDPR provisions and in accordance with them it will be collecting my personal data as part of my participation, including my name, image, address, telephone number, health information, and other personally identifying and health related information I provide to ASD L’Impresa (“personal information”). I agree and consent ASD L’Impresa to use my personal information in order to: make sure I am eligible and can participate safely; share event news and information (including on the Web and in social media); provide health treatment if needed; analyze data for the purposes of improving programming and identifying and responding to the needs of ASD L’Impresa participants; and provide event-related services. I understand ASD L’Impresa is an Italian cycling association with headquarters in Italy. I acknowledge that my personal information may be stored and processed in countries outside my country of residence, including Italy. Such countries may not have the same level of personal data protection as my country of residence, and I agree that the laws of Italy will govern the processing of my personal information as provided in this consent. I have the right to ask to see my personal information or to be informed about the personal information that is processed about me. I have the right to ask to correct and delete my personal information, and to restrict the processing of my personal information if it is inconsistent with this consent.

8. Governing law: I acknowledge that this agreement and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of Italy. Any such claim or dispute will be brought exclusively in the courts of Perugia."